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Care Home Entertainment Allowed Indoors From Mon 19th July 2021


As Wales moves to alert level one, Welsh Government have updated the guidance on care home visitation, with the latest easing of restrictions coming into effect on Monday [19th July]. Whilst some measures such as visitor testing for indoor visits and risk assessments for visits remain in place, other restrictions have been eased further. Residents no longer need to isolate on return from an overnight stay and entertainers will be permitted in indoor areas of the home to enable residents to resume the activities they enjoy. Whilst the guidance advises caution on close physical contact such as hugging, it now gives further advice on how these risks can be managed.

England removed all restrictions on the 19th July too

Book musiCare With Confidence

We now know that we have been given the green light to return for indoor shows but there is still a great level of care required and not every home will be ready to receive us.

At musiCare we have an updated risk assessment and all of our artistes have recieved 2 vaccinations. Proof of vaccinations is available at the time of booking if required.

Our artistes will either conduct lateral flow tests at home and bring the resulting negative reading with them or arrive earlier at the home to have a flow test administered.

Bookings will remain flexible in that should a show need to be cancelled due to covid reasons there will be no charge to postpone the date.

* For now we will continue with our simple booking costs

£80 for weekday shows with a start time between 10 and 4

£90 for Evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays

We will review rates regularly and re introduce our block booking discounts when we can do so with confidence.

* We can offer split shows (different floors etc) see Latest News page.


Dementia Aware musiCare

At musiCare we pride ourselves on being dementia aware and knowing the importance of music to people living with dementia.

Proprietors Michael & Natalie are dementia champions and all artistes are required to become dementia friends upon joining musiCare.

"As populations of developed nations age, so the number of cases of dementia increases. As a way of helping care for and support people with dementia, music has been shown to often have a dramatic effect"

Dementia is rapidly becoming the health and social care challenge of the 21st century. Numbers affected are set to soar because of an expanding older population.

musiCare has seen first hand how music unlocks memories and seems to be able to reach parts of the damaged brain that other communication simply cannot. 

Carers often comment that residents are so much happier and content after a music show - even for the following few days - making looking after the resident living with dementia much easier.

" I have seen a gentleman cast aside his zimmer frame and dance to Irish music at one of my shows. One of the carers said she didnt even realise that he could stand by himself let alone dance. Both He and She revelled in the moment" - Amazing

Michael - musiCare Proprietor and Performer 

Facebook Dementia Aware musiCare Mini Series

From Saturday 24th April 2021

Please click on our Facebook link below to read our Dementia Awareness posts. Accounts from professionals and experts that have researched the subject intensely. Just a few paragraphs to help plant positive information into peoples minds.

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