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musiCare Hopeful For 2022

Well we are into the early days of 2022 and still have an air of trepidation due to the new omicron variant. We are waiting to see how things pan out with the hope that enough bookings will see us through to calmer waters 

We wish all of our clients and their fabulous residents the very best in dealing with whatever comes our way.

musiCare and Covid - Book With Confidence

At musiCare we are very much aware of the extra challenges that the covid pandemic has given us all.

Our business came to an absolute standstill back in March 2020 and we are only just now seeing the green shoots of recovery.

We know that it has had a devastating effect on care homes - residents, staff, management and residents families alike.

Measures we have put in place

* All artistes double jabbed (Most if not all have had boosters too)

* Proof of vaccination status available upon request

* Covid Risk Assessment available for each show

* Artistes to provide negative lateral flow test on the day of the show

Choice of :

* Indoor shows

* Outdoor shows (weather permitting)

* Shows where artistes remain outdoors singing to residents indoors

* Flexible booking system whereby shows can be cancelled without charge if covid related cancellation

* Set price cost for each one hour show of £80 weekday daytime £90 Weekend daytime

* £90 Christmas Eve  £100 Boxing Day and New Years Eve.

To book 


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Christmas Shows Were A Lifeline in 2021

Having completed many of our 100 plus shows booked for December, we are seeing how invaluable the shows are to residents, staff and artistes alike.

With the memories of a barren Christmas 2020 and the uncertainty surrounding Christmas 2021 - every completed show is greeted by a feeling of relief and sheer joy.

"Our residents desperately needed this" is a common theme when it comes to talking about how important the shows are in care facilities right now. Whilst shows can never replace visits by loved ones they lift spirits to an amazing level and bring people together - often for the first time in a long while.

"I recently provided a show which was the first indoor show in over two years for one care home. I saw residents embracing one another as they had not seen each other for so long. Staff were rejuvinated and the whole experience was truly magical. A reporter from Rhonnda Leader covered the event and she was truly moved by it all" Michael - musiCare

Although the number of shows completed is a long way short of pre pandemic days it does at least provide hope for the future.