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musiCare are Back !

All musiCare artistes have received both covid vaccinations.




Saptember 21st World Alzheimers Day

Summer Fetes 

Weekdays £80  Weekends and Bank Holidays £90

All one hour upbeat shows.


musiCare Has New Online Booking System

See Bookings page for details

Flexible Booking Arrangements

With the weather nice and warm right now - all of our artistes are equipped to perform outdoor events.

Whether this is everyone outside enjoying the show or the artistes singing outside trough open doors and windows to residents indoors we are totally flexible to accommodate either.

We can also do split shows as follows

2 x 30 mins £90

3 x 30 mins £120

All shows are one hour duration at £80 per show during the week. £90 per show at Weekends or on Bank Holidays

Bookings are flexible to reflect any weather issues that may arise and are cancellable without charge if weather dictates

To book

email (You can also simply press the email sign on any page)

Call Natalie 07772 261369 or Michael 07495 152997

or use the contact us form on the Contact Us page.